Exploring the world of VRML
      In order to view, enter and interact in CRR Virtual world and all other VRML worlds, a VRML viewer must be installed on your computer. VRML stands for "Virtual Reality Modeling Language". A VRML viewer will interpret and display a different type of 3D files that are designed and coded in the VRML 97 format called ".wrl" files. Your Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator will use this plug-in viewer every time it comes across a file of this type. These files, once executed, allows the user - (who will be displayed as an avatar or another chosen image to others in the same world) - to enter, move around, and interact with the 3D world that has been created.
      A fast Pentium* II machine of 300 Mhz or above is ideal to view VRML, as some worlds tend to be very graphic intensive due to the constant scanning and displaying of many images at different angles of view. There are thousands of worlds to enter on the internet. Christian Rocknet Radio has several worlds to enter. They are listed below. Once a viewer is installed, just click on any of the 3 screenshot images below and a small window will open up containing that world. You may full screen the world, but that may slow down your movement and agility considerably. These worlds are being constructed and changed frequently. We are even experimenting with streaming Christian Hard Rock videos in a VRML auditorium. Eventually these worlds will be transformed into chatrooms where many people(viewed as avatars in VRML world) can come and go, talk and interact with one another.
If you have any questions or problems please email: webmaster   
*Please install one of the following viewers:
  (Blaxxun VRML viewer) - recommended  
  (Cosmo Software)  
  (Click here for other VRML viewers)  
Step into CRR Virtual World!
Enter CIN Global Village!



Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale Virtual Church Sanctuary.




Hunt for this former Prince(Artist-whatever!) guitarist turned Christian rocker in CRR Virtual World above. Enter, find and click on his image and learn how to win his latest CD free! - You must first have a VRML viewer installed.