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"If the greatest commandment is to love God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength, then the greatest sin, is failure to do so."
Here's news from just a few of the artists featured. Good, clean, hard, solid Christ-driven jams for the active, enlightened Christian.
Mastedon's Latest Digital Download Revolution of Mind available at www.JohnElefante.com Pick up both early Mastedon DD's created in 1989-90 in re-mastered audio also! Longtime bassist for Grammy nominated and Dove Award winning hard rock band Pillar, Michael Kalel Wittig recently announced that he will leave the group to pursue other opportunities. Disciple tours on after split! - Click for Kevin Young interview on page 30!

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Artist Spotlight: Christian singer John Cox hails from Dallas and specializes in a musical style that combines the radio-friendly sounds of Train and Matchbox Twenty with the religious message of Jars of Clay.Take a look at his schedule here. His CD "Sanctuary" is available now! Let your local church and coffeehouse know you want to see him there! This brother is a blessed musician and inspiring musical evangelist! You can help him spread the Word through his excellent music. Get it here!
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In The Eighty's 
      In 1984 Orange County, California hard-rockin' quartet Stryper releases their debut six song EP, The Yellow and Black attack on Enigma Records. Even while most of the media was covering the XXIII Summer Olympics and the rock music industry was focused on Van Halen's latest release, quite a bit of attention was paid to Stryper as opening band for Motley Crue on their "Heaven and Hell" tour that summer. Wearing yellow and black spandex outfits complete with chains, crotch bulges, leather and studs, tossing bibles into the crowd, they pushed a sonic tidal wave of wailing guitars and thunderous percussion that enveloped their audiences. With their bold evangelical message and glam rock appeal they soon became popular with secular youth and young Christians alike. "Christian" critic Bob Larson, of course, strongly objected the "whole heavy-metal frame of reference" and actively voiced his opinions. Success of bands like Stryper and individuals such as Amy Grant caused considerable controversy over matters concerning Christian callings to God and their purpose in crossing over and reaching the secular world. We thank God for them now, though, seeing that people who wouldn't normally step foot into a church would be exposed to the gospel and hearts were won for Christ! Many of todays pious Christians were and are still influenced for God by these bands!


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